BIO ! Meet Nigerian Sensation ‘Emmy Richie’ – WATCH VIDEO

If Versatility was a person then Emmy Richie is it. From being a Footballer, Chef , Philanthropist , Ladies man , this energetic Nigerian was born to shine from the get go.

Emmy discovered his flare for music at a very tender age with influences from Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson , Bob Marley , and Lucky Dune, however he didn’t just jump in the studio immediately, he took his time to gradually learn more about the music business industry and harness his skills.

After dropping his debut song Merry go round , he followed it up with Zaddy, BamBam and most recently Socoso which all gained massive attention, airplay and streams .

With a very healthy social media following and knowledge Emmy Richie is set to team up with one of the biggest record Labels in Nigeria to take his musical career global. If you want to know what Label he is joining then turn on your post notifications on his social media handles @emmyrichie_ and also follow this blog.

The future is Now! e get why.

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