Dzifa Bampoh returns to the Media | joins Media General

Former Joy FM journalist Dzifa Gbeho-Bampoh has joined Media General, owners of TV3, Onua TV, 3FM, Onua FM, Connect FM and Akoma FM.

Dzifa Bampoh left Multimedia in June 2017 after 12 years.

Announcing her departure, she said;

I want to say thanks to our audience, to our resource persons in politics, captains of business and industry, ordinary people, everyone who has opened their doors to allow me to speak to them”, she said.

“By doing that I have also grown as a person, they’ve made me a better person. I’m also grateful to all of you my colleagues, I am a better person, I’m a better journalist because of all of you. I don’t know what the future holds for me

Announcing her new job at Media General on her social media handles Monday morning, she wrote:

Today, I joined Media General where I will join the news leadership and work across the TV3 and 3Fm platforms as well as provide leadership and guidance for news content at 3FM. 🙏🏾 Thanks to Media General, Beatrice Agyeman (CEO) and colleagues for their warm welcome. I also express a depth of gratitude 🙏🏾 to everyone who sent kind words, advice, goodwill messages via social media, calls and messages. Thank you all and may God be my helper. ❤️

Till her resignation, she was the host of Newsnight alongside Evans Mensah, and also served as News Editor at the outfit.

She left the media outfit to take on a new position as Public Relations Officer for petroleum giants, Tullow Oil where she resigned in December 2020.

It is immediately unknown what Dzifa Bampoh will be doing at Media General.

The likes of former Multi-Media journalists who readily come to mind as having moved to the MG group are MzGee, Komla Adom, Roland Walker and many others. She joins a tall list of presenters and journalists who have moved from one media organization or the other.

Before leaving the scene, Dzifa Bampoh who worked with the Multimedia group for 12 years, delivering up-to-the-minute news and current affairs programmes with professionalism.

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