FROM TV TO CLASSROOM! Kafui Dey Lands a Lecturer Job at GIJ

Ghanaian media icon, Kafui Dey, has landed a new job as a lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Mr Dey is one of Ghana’s ace journalists with a mixed bag of experiences from being a TV/Radio presenter, an event MC, speaker, coach and an author of books like ‘How to MC Any Event’, ‘Public Speaking A to Z’ and 3 other children books.

Also famed for hosting Ghana’s franchise of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, Mr Dey’s last spotlight engagement on TV/Radio was when he was hosting Gh One TV’s morning show, ‘GH Today’ and Starr FM’s ‘Morning Starr’ before resigning from EIB.

Kafui Dey on Gh Today

The maverick media personality has however been in media space after quitting EIB and working where he is called either as an MC or TV gigs like hosting GBC’s special coverage of Rawlings’ funeral and moderating the National Juniors Challenge, Ghana’s first quiz for junior high school students.

The director of Dey Marketing Ventures in the latest update has announced a new job that has taken him to the class as a lecturer. “First day in school…as a teacher“, Mr Dey wrote on Twitter whilst before a classroom board.

Kafui Dey turns lecturer at GIJ

The new lecturer officially started his classroom job on June 14 2021 and teaches a Level 400 course named “Journalism And The Arts”.

With his over 2 decades of being a journalist, this would become Mr Dey’s first shot at becoming a lecturer at a Ghanaian tertiary institution to impact generations with his knowledge.

The Goodwill Ambassador for Accra Psychiatric Hospital earned a Masters Degree in 2017 from GIJ after 5 attempts within 17 Years – a bumpy road for the “Who Wants To Be Rich” host wanting to enrich himself in the world of academia.

Narrating this story in a motivational post shared in 2017, the Master of Ceremonies with a Masters Degree wrote “never give up. Today I graduated top of my class with a Masters from Ghana Institute of Journalism. This degree has been 17 years in the making“.

In 1994, I graduated from University of Ghana and went to work for 6 years as a salesman. I had always wanted to be an academic and I was interested in world affairs and the media. So in the early 2000s, I applied to 3 different postgraduate programs,” he continued.

According to him “I failed to get admitted for the Masters in international affairs and communication studies. No degree. I got accepted for the MBA but had to drop out after a week because my employer thought it would interfere with my work. No degree.

“A decade later I got accepted for a Masters program in shipping administration. This time I completed my coursework, passed all my exams but failed to complete my dissertation. No degree“.

In 2015, 21 years after graduating with a BA from University of Ghana, I applied to GIJ. This was my 5th attempt at getting that Masters. I got accepted and dug into the program. Juggling family commitments, work schedules and evening classes with term papers and group discussions was no joke. But by God’s grace we made it and today we graduated. Yes degree!” he wrote.

In the post that came with his cornerstone by his side, he concluded that “what are you fighting for? If it’s worthy, keep at it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Run your race. Believe in yourself. And remember one thing. Never give up. P.S. That’s my wife. She’s pretty amazing too“.

Without a doubt, Kafui Dey with his prudence has walked the walk that qualifies him to be described as a legend in his right for his consistency and persistence in being a great influence in the Ghanaian space.


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