I’m Looking for A Man who Can Cook and Clean for Me 24/7- Bridget Otoo

Metro FM’s news anchor, Bridget Otoo has announced her specifications for his man who she will get marriage to.

The vociferous journalist who is one of the most abused celebrities when it comes to celebrities who are not yet married, Bridget Otoo has faced several instances when any firm opinion she expresses gets ridiculed with attacks on her single life. Some have asserted that she is single because of her utterances and behaviour.

The Metro TV journo on the other hand is mostly almost unperturbed about these attacks. She just moves onto the next chance to spark controversy online and will not hesitate to put you in your place if you come nagging.

It appears the journalist is now heeding to calls for her to marry. A few hours ago, she announced what she wants in her type of man.

Bridget Otoo tweeted that for any man who wants to be her husband, you must know how to cook and clean everyday.

Her requirements are however alien to the Ghanaian culture except Gen Zs men who will do anything for their girlfriends and wives when they are head over heels in love with them but you, know, Bridget Otoo won’t relent to spark controversy.

See her post:

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