It’s Official: Dolapor Quits R2TV


Naija’s most adorable female entertainment show hostess and celebrated female television personality, Dolapor Derinokun (popularly known in the media circles as “Dolapor” or “Your TV Girl”) has officially confirmed she has finally parted ways with her employers, Lagos based Royal Root Television (R2TV).

Dolapor disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Thursday morning. According to her a lot of people having being asking her why she has not been on air some days now so she believes now is the time to let the cat out of the bag.

The Television hostess anchored various show on R2TV including the entertainment show on R2TV Breakfast show as well the Scoop, afternoon’s entertainment television show.

Dolapor is all rounder and she is keen on becoming a reference point regarding classy fashion on television.

Unique, simple, hardworking, friendly and creative, have a passion and drive to make an impact around the world, these words aptly describes Dolapor. She caught the spotlight for her interviewing skills and presentation: and she has touted as a unique face of Naija’s television. Moreover, Dolapor is been admired by many especially for her naturalist look; maintaining a low haircut which is very rare in female television presenters.

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