Not Easy Being Daughter of Two Celebrities” – Sefa Kayi and Irene Opare’s Daughter Reveals (VIDEO)

Daughter of Ghanaian actress Irene Opare and broadcaster Kwami Sefa Kayi, Fafa Kayi has shared her experience being a child of two greats.

Fafa Kayi is the first child of the legendary celebrities.

Irene Opare and Kwami Sefa Kayi fell in love in 1995 but broke up three years later.

The two lovebirds never married, however, they share a beautiful co-parenting bond after giving birth to the beautiful Fafa Kayi.

Speaking about her parents, Fafa Kayi disclosed in an interview with that living an ordinary lifestyle is alien to her due to the celebrity status of her parents.

She stated emphatically that it’s not easy being a celebrity child.

“It hasn’t been easy at all because you have to be careful of everything you do. When you’re in town, you have to be careful with what you’re doing. You have to be cautious of where you are because you don’t know who is looking at you. And nowadays the bloggers, any small thing, you’re up; so you have to be alert. You need to know what you’re doing at a time. So, it’s a bit hard but for now, I will say that I’m used to it because I was born into it. It’s a normal life for me now…’’

Watch full interview below:

Fafa and her mother, Irene Opare

Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi/

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