OPEN LETTER TO THE IGP – Angel FM’s Obrempong CP writes

Prophet and broadcast journalist with Accra based Angel FM, Nana Adjei Oberempong CP has officially written to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) regarding prophesies concerning elections in Ghana.

The astute news anchor therefore insisted the Ghana Police Service must begin to ban and criminalize all election prophecies in the country to avert chaos during and after elections. He made this passionate appeal known on Monday’s edition of Captain Smart’s ‘Anopa Bofo’ on Angel 102.9FM and Angel TV in Accra.

Here is the full statement:

I strongly think that it is time the Ghana Police Service begin to think about banning and criminalizing “election prophecies ” and arrest any “Prophet” who will prophesy about election results and winners.

These “emotion oriented” and sensational prophecies must be stopped immediately or else it could create a very ugly situation for us as a nation one day.

The danger of these unnecessary prophecies is that, they make political actors think that they have been cheated or rigged once a Prophet has said a particular political party will win or lose the election.

For instance, prior to the just ended presidential and parliamentary elections, some politicians who are hiding inside cassok and standing behind the pulpit as wolves in the skins of sheep “prophesied ” that a particular party will win but the EC will rig the election and change results.

These unguided, ungodly and unprophetic public utterances has the highest tendency of triggering post-elections results rejection since our politicians now believe that elections goes beyond the physical casting of votes but has some spiritual influence as well.

My question is, why must I accept defeat knowing very well that my “Prophet” told me God has given me victory but if I don’t take care the election will be rigged by the electoral commission?

Fellow citizens, between the politician who feels cheated and the unethical Prophet who gave such unguided prophecy who caused the post- election violence? I think it’s the so- Prophet and the police must begin to arrest them for creating and masterminding electoral violence.

We can’t continue to allow people who call themselves prophets to destroy the beautiful peace and stability we are enjoying in the country just for their individual peroqual interests and greedy satisfactions.

If Ghanaians will be observant, not until these few self-seeking predict and win individuals who label themselves as prophets of the most high God started predicting elections in Ghana, had always witnessed peaceful and sound elections.

I suggest the IGP must present a bill to parliament to pass into a law immediately which will outrightly ban political prophecy or predictions of any sort to avoid creating unnecessary tention in the name of ” God said”

Enough of the absolute freedom to spiritual matters. Now there should be a wild law to deal with some spiritual things that are recipes for national disorder.

God bless Ghana

By Prophet Oberempong CP.
Contact :0202682846.

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