THANK GOD! TV Personality Selly Galley Pregnant?

Popular TV personality and actress Selly Galley who was in the news recently after a lady laughed at her for been barren has finally been said to be expecting a baby anytime soon via a post which she made on her social media.

Taking to her Instagram handle, she praised God for what he is doing in her life and asked for him to do more for her as she is appreciative of all the Lord has done for her.

From what we deduced from her confusing instagram post, it seems she’s is finally pregnant after several years of marriage.

She wrote saying;

God, I see what you’re doing with me 😏
You’re a complete show off!
Your timing has always been perfect.
I don’t fellowship frequently, I fall short of just how intensive my prayers should be,
I’ve carried FAITH in you, in my heart, my mind and in my soul. So strongly.
I’ve never doubted you and I’ll never doubt you.
Continue to make me a testimony!
Am all yours.

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