TV Presenter AJ Sarpong reveals She is Attracted to Intelligent Men

TV and Radio personality, AJ Sarpong, has revealed her worst dating experience and the kind of messages she receives from men on social media.

“Please can we forget about #IamAnas and talk about you AJ Sarpong, you are a true architectural edifier of beauty, African pure meat, what? Obaa mu baa mu…. Your legs are scarlet of pillars in brimstone fire, wo ho twa wate….,” she read.

AJ, who was the red-carpet host for the just-ended Vodafone Ghana Movie Awards (VGMAs) 2018, recounts a date she went on, which she considers the worst dating experience of her life. AJ had to make up excuses to leave for home that night, after her date had spent the entire evening talking about himself and bragging about the different high-profile people he was acquainted with.

AJ Sarpong described herself as a “Sapiosexual”, which translates to a person who is attracted to intelligent people. She says she likes going out with guys who make her laugh and can hold a conversation.


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