GHOne TV Goes Off Air over Unpaid Salaries

Ghone TV, a subsidiary of the EIB Network for the first time since the inception of the company has been hit with a sit down strike by aggrieved staff of the camera and the production departments.

The sit-down strike which started in the early hours of Tuesday was precipitated by unpaid accumulated salaries of over seven months leaving the station “dead” for close to twelve hours, not even the CEO of EIB Bola Ray could calm matters.

Speaking to our outfit, one of the staff who wants to remain anonymous fumed that they have succeeded in staging the strike at long last after previous ones he said have been foiled by management due to leaks of the strike to management by some of the ring leaders.

“Enough is enough. We can’t take it any longer, our wives are divorcing us because we don’t bring any money home. How can you be working for seven months without being paid but you are expected to report to work every day. Today we’ve shown them where power lies” he fumed.

According to our source, management of Ghone TV has done nothing to ameliorate the hardship they are going through except to call their bluff that “if you can’t you can go”.

You have a management which only thinks about themselves and how to enrich themselves and leaving the staff who are doing the work to be poor. How can you be selling company prado vehicles to yourselves in this times of crisis and call yourselves managers. What are they managing? Don’t they have feelings, don’t they know God” he queried.

The source further reiterated that they have given ultimatum to management to pay them all their money failure of which a mammoth demonstration will be staged to prove to the management that “we cannot be taken for a ride”.

Meanwhile snippets of information has it that resigned and redundant staff of the company whom the company still owes are planning to join the fray by marching to the “Platinum Place” offices of EIB in a Rambo style for a show down.

We have since been trying to reach managements of EIB and GhOne TV but to no avail.

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