WATCH VIDEO! She Stayed Despite Years of My Infidelity- Kofi Adomah Nwanwani Praises Wife

Ghanaian Media Personality, Kofi Adoma has heaped praises on his wife, Miracle for sticking with him despite his numerous stunts with other women all through the years they’ve been together.

Kofi Adoma , formally of Adom FM, on Wednesday, July 20, confessed on the Anopa Busuo Programme the many years of infidelity his wife had to endure from him.

According to Kofi Adoma, their relationship started 19 years ago when he was but a boy navigating his way through life in Drobo. He was at the mercy of his in-law (Miracle’s father) and that was when he met her.

During their courtship, Kofi reveals he got Miracle pregnant, a situation which angered Miracle’s father who later refused to give them his blessings.

In the interview, Kofi narrates he was advised to do right by Miracle and pay her bride price, no matter how small.

“So I was advised to find a way to do something traditionally. So I spoke to her grandparents, and they said it was the right thing because no matter what, one day, my child will come looking for his father (me).”

Kofi adds that despite the pain he had caused his father-in-law, he still managed to land him a job in Accra, and whilst on the job, he got another lady pregnant.

“I was working at Hot FM when another lady came my way. I impregnated her too. Then I told Miracle (his wife) since I was building a life in Accra with her help. She said it’s not your fault. It’s my father who won’t allow us to get married. So she gave me money to go and perform introductory rites for this other woman in Ho,” he stated.

The Kofi TV boss added that throughout his continuous embarrassment of his wife, she still gave him money to rent a room which he shared with yet another different woman.

“I also took money from her to live with another woman in the room she paid for. Then, she went to see an estate company who contacted me (I was at Adom FM),” he added, stating that he protested that his salary could not cater for buying a house.

“They said the woman who directed us here has already paid half of the cost of the house for you to complete. I went to the UK. Impregnated someone else and had another child. In all that, she was still with me,” he added.

Watch video below;


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